Australian PhD candidate and sessional academic. Interests include: women's liberation, green living, women's health, babies and mothering.

A few things happened over the weekend. I got over 6 inches cut off my hair (photo included). I can’t describe how freeing it feels! It was so long before that all I could do with it was put it in an unflattering bun that would slump over after one minute. Good riddance. Jon and I also went down to the Mornington Peninsula. We were lucky as it turned out to be a warm, sunny autumn day. We kept our jackets on though because Jon’s used to Queensland temperatures, and I’m freezing in any temps under 25°C. We’re still setting up our new place, bit by bit. This week we’re moving the couch in, it’s a beautiful cream, three seater with duck feathers. We’ve also found a bed frame we like, finally. Setting up a new home is one of the greatest things ever.

Jon and I spent our weekend in Hepburn Springs and Daylesford in central Victoria. On Saturday we had an amazing couples massage at Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa and then dinner out in Daylesford. We stayed at the lovely Shizuka Ryokan Japanese spa retreat overnight where we had an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep after a long soak in the spa. This morning we had a delicious Japanese breakfast at the retreat and then strolled around the Lavandula Farm taking in the gorgeous autumn scenery and patting emus and alpacas. The weekend couldn’t have been more perfect.

Jon drove up to my parent’s place in the country after work on Friday night. I prepared a roast with my siblings and attempted to make a black forest cake because it’s his favourite. It wasn’t the prettiest but it tasted great. There’s lots to celebrate. Jon’s birthday, his brilliant job in Melbourne where he’s been living for just over a month now, and our beautiful new apartment. I’m so proud of the person he is.

Today my boyfriend and best friend, Jon, turns 27. Life has never been more worth living. You are the kind, steady hand that lifts me up every day. Thank you for showing me that dreams can come true and that two people really can be made for each other. I love you and wish you the happiest of birthdays.

My darling Jon.

I’m awful, but my beautiful man… there are no words.

Taken recently on a trip to Queensland with my boyfriend.

Women look at themselves through the eyes of men.
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