Australian PhD candidate and sessional academic. Interests include: women's liberation, green living, women's health, babies and mothering.

We just had an amazing week on the Central Coast of NSW. We drove up through Merimbula (where Jon moved to at 16 when he left our hometown), Batemans Bay, and Sydney. Seeing as we took the longer coastal route up, we stayed the night in Batemans Bay and ended up driving a total of about 12 hours over two days. We spent the next few days exploring the many beaches along the Central Coast, going for bushwalks, eating meals out, having barbeques at the hotel, and browsing local shops. The weather couldn’t have been more ideal, we were lucky as.

Jon did the classic rookie move of not wearing sunscreen on the first day on the beach in hopes of developing a ravishing tan. Predictably, he turned bight red. I nursed his sunburn with aloe vera for the remaining days. Aw diddums. I have grown out of my obsession with tanning (I guess this is what 25 feels like), so I lathered up in SPF 50+, now you can hardly tell I just spent a week at the beach. 

Jon’s the best person to travel with. So mellow and up for anything. I think you learn a lot about a person when you go away somewhere with them. We’ve lived together since the start of the year, but we’ve always been busy with our work and haven’t had any time off beyond a long weekend. It’s easy to get into fights with someone while travelling because you’re in an unfamiliar place and that can be stressful. I don’t know how to fight with Jon though! He’s such a freakishly composed guy and it rubs off on me. 

We’re home now and doing some last minute Christmas shopping before heading to our hometown for Christmas with my family. I seriously love this time of year.

Morning spent exploring beautiful Hanging Rock.

This post is quite late, but it has been a busy week and it’s better late than never! So basically… I had a great time on my birthday last weekend. My best pals visited Melbourne and we went to the aquarium, Crown Casino for drinks, and then out to dinner at a Spanish restaurant along South Wharf called the Bohemian (behind me in the last picture).

While we were at Crown the boys started getting eager to have a go at the pokies (Americans will know them as ‘slot machines’). I gave Jon $3 to put in the machine, and ten minutes later he came back with $400!! Such random luck. We ended up putting it towards Christmas presents for our families.

I feel good about reaching the ol’ quarter century because I feel pretty content about where I am at this point in my life. 2014 is going to be a life-changing year. More teaching and lecturing, PhD coming into its final phase, Johnny and I getting married in October, and then if the time still feels right, trying for a baby soon after. It’s going to be quite a year.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate it… a pleasant December 25th. XO

Had the family over to our place last night for a pre-birthday BBQ dinner.

Some corny pics of us taken by my terrific sister.

Some of you may have seen me share this news online earlier. I’ve been keeping it offline while I told friends and family in person. But I can now tell you guys that Jon and I are getting married.

Our wedding date is set for October 25th, 2014. A little less than a year from now, during Australia’s springtime. We have booked the venue at a beautiful quiet spot in the town where we both grew up and spent time together as teenagers.

"The proposal" was a reflection of us as a couple. Sitting by a lake on a sunny day at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, I asked him to marry me, and he asked me to marry him. We both said yes! 


I would like to give you everything you never had and even then you still wouldn’t know the wonders of loving you.
Frida Kahlo

The hypocrisy of many left-wing men.

The company Jon works for have been installing lots of new things this month. As a result he’s been working around 60 hour weeks (in addition, he has electrical engineering classes to attend at night). So weekends like this have been especially important this month. 

I hate, hate, hate the notion that women displaying their sexuality as a performance for the consumption of others is somehow empowering.”

More often than not it is not even “their” sexuality, it is a formulaic construction of an industrial view of how women’s sexuality should be constructed and consumed.”

— clever comments on Facebook.

Perfect Melbourne.

We had a long weekend and went to Queensland for a wedding, family, and lots of sun.