Australian PhD candidate and sessional academic. Interests include: women's liberation, green living, women's health, babies and mothering.

Anon asked for random recent pictures from my phone, so here’s some from the last fortnight. ;D Jon’s looking at an echidna in the first one.

The shift to market models meant many women’s groups focused on raising the status of women via access to power in current macho terms. More women in male-defined areas of power – in politics or on boards – was erroneously claimed to be the route to feminist change. But we failed to see they were promoted because they posed no threat to the system that allowed them into the tent to share some of the power that men controlled.
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Can you describe how you moved towards eating healthier foods and eliminating processed foods? I always try to take an extremist approach and end up reverting back to it. What changes have you noticed since incorporating more organic foods and reducing red meat? Why did you want to eliminate alcohol? Sorry for so many questions, thank you!
friedarose friedarose Said:

I got inspired by green living vloggers on Youtube and thought it’d be worth trying out. We don’t always have time to go to the market near us, so we found a big organic grocery store across town and started going there on a weekly basis. We started eating all organic fruit, veg, dairy and meat right away. We didn’t want to waste money by throwing out non-organic condiments, so we just gradually replaced those as we used them up. 

We don’t have a 100% organic diet. Today we ate fish and chips from a food court in a mall because we felt like eating them. We don’t care if the food we eat at restaurants or friends’ places isn’t organic. We’re not assholes. We just eat that way at home. 

I stopped drinking alcohol in July because we want to try for a baby after our wedding next month and I want to establish good habits before then. I had a glass of wine a couple of weeks ago and might have a glass on my wedding day, idk, it’s not a big issue :)

My advice if you’re having trouble going 100% organic is to just buy organic dairy and meat, as the non-organic versions have antibiotics, added hormones etc. Then you could follow the 'clean fifteen' and 'dirty dozen' rule at your supermarket!

Playing with Esther and Lewis after mum’s book launch. 

My mum had a really successful book launch last weekend. There would have been at least 100 people who showed up to hear her speak and purchase a copy. What a queen.

My mum spent seven long years on her PhD while my siblings and I were difficult teenagers. We lived in a little house and her office had a transparent door. I used to walk in and out all the time while she was writing on an old desktop computer to complain about school or a boy who was buggin’ me. I don’t know how she got through it. She was working full-time 150km away during this period, and often lecturing at a university as well. 

It has been her dream for years to turn her PhD into a book. There’s a lot involved in softening the academic language in a thesis so it will be accessible to a general audience. But she’s done it and I’m hella proud!


A Facebook friend of mine had the perfect thing to say about this creep:

This is why, despite being a nonbeliever and a scientifically minded person, I hesitate to identify as a member of the skeptic/atheist community- it is dominated by pompous white men who find doing things like categorizing rape into different “levels” of badness, and playing logical fallacy “gotcha” games with anyone hurt by this, to be a diverting intellectual exercise. In truth, they may act like this is nothing more than a fun little project, but this is to hide how much emotional validation and sexual enjoyment they derive from this game. Their intent is to do harm, and to assert power by the further gaslighting and violation of boundaries of those who protest. The more you ask them to stop, the more excited they get, and the more they will try to pull you into a “debate” and harm you further. This is not done in the spirit of true inquiry and debate; it is abuse disguised in the sterile wrapping of “discourse.” 

White male attempts to rank the severity of rape, gets retweeted by lots of other males. Hmm this study of victim experiences of acquaintance and stranger rape found ”virtually no differences […] among any of the groups in their levels of psychological symptoms”

Meghan Trainor’s awful body-negative song ‘All About That Bass’ is on TV, so I have to post this video as an antidote. India Arie <3

There is no bright line separating self from culture, and the culture in which we develop and function enjoys a deep reach into our minds. It’s for this reason that we can’t understand gender differences in female and male minds— the minds that are the source of our thoughts, feelings, abilities, motivations, and behavior— without understanding how psychologically permeable is the skull that separates the mind from the sociocultural context in which it operates.
Cordelia Fine, Delusions of Gender (via coupdegrace)



R.I.P. The 2976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35000 Pakistani people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit

this is the only september 11th post I’m reblogging

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What does marriage mean to you?
friedarose friedarose Said:

Love and growth.

A public commitment.

Accountability to our community.

Accountability to ‘the marriage’ — the symbolic third entity, if that makes sense.

A foundation for our future family.

Stability, security, good health, home, relief, responsibility, bonding, those sorts of things :-)

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Do you read books about parenting?
friedarose friedarose Said:

No. When I’m expecting I’ll probably buy Jean Liedloff’s book The Continuum Concept because I’d like to try aspects of that style of parenting, but I’m going to mostly rely on my mother and mother-in-law’s advice. My MIL is a midwife and had five children of her own, so she’s got a lot of special knowledge. I want to avoid books and guidelines as much as I can and trust the wisdom and experiences of myself and the mothers in my family.

Blurry me at the Yeezus show tonight.

Life goal for the next 5 years: buy an apartment in Williamstown

I went to a great talk tonight given by Swedish radical feminist Kajsa Ekis Ekman. I happened to sit right near one of my feminist heroes, Sheila Jeffreys, so that was pretty cool. Kajsa talked about the similarities between the sex trade and surrogacy. She made so many great points that you should totally check out on YouTube from her presentation at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. This is also a short clip of her from Monday night’s Q&A program discussing the Swedish model on prostitution. Afterwards the feminist audience discussed the harmful and exploitative aspects of IVF and inter-country adoption. I was sooo fascinated as I’ve been getting really into feminist bioethics lately. I’ll be adding more books like this to my collection I guess.

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Frieda, spend one week with a 3 year old full time and you will realize why some childless parents decide to be parentless. Some people just do not want to be around child, it’s not in them.
friedarose friedarose Said:

You’d probably love my favourite book ‘Of Woman Born’ by Adrienne Rich. She talks about motherhood as an institution as well as the real, complicated, unromanticised experience of mothering.

What you’ve pointed out is very true, the fact that it even needs to be said is because femaleness is regarded as synonymous with motherhood. Many female qualities are expressed in maternal and reproductive terms. I’m guilty of it too. We just haven’t formed a language about women that isn’t tied to them as potential or actual mothers.